Trish's Tour of Rockhampton 2 - Party Edition

Welcome to my second virtual tour. Brace yourself as we experience once more the intrinsic bovinity that is Rockhampton. This time though, the cows are all partied up because they want money or newspapers or.....something. I think it was a newspaper that was giving money away, or possibly some other prize. Anyway, the point is, there are mutant cows wandering around Rockhampton, wreaking terror and havoc in a shiny shiny way. Of course I don't mean "wandering" so much as "staying completely motionless" and don't mean "wreaking terror and havoc" so much as "giving the locals something to look at". But I was right, as always, about the shiny shiny.

First up, let me present Mirror-Bull. Oh he is so shiny, I just want to put him on my bathroom wall and brush my teeth in front of him. Mirror-Bull appears to have laid an egg. Like any smart mother cow, Mirror-Bull has cleverly made a nest of "Please do not touch" signs and big ribbons, sure to frighten away any predator. Also, Mirror-Bull and the egg are on some kind of skateboard, ready to escape at the first sign of danger. Such a clever cow.

Onwards to Victory!!